A Basil In Winter

This recipe is inspired by a friend who made us hot lemon tea after a long winter hike in upstate New York. Anyone one who knows Matt, knows makes Cyanotypes of basil flowers, grows basil year round and adds it to everything he cooks, so it's no surprise he would find a way to drink it! This recipe calls for fresh lemon basil, a citrus scented and flavored variety, which Matt grows under lights in the winter, but you can substitute other herbs, more readily available such as sweet basil or mint.

Matt's Winter Lemon Basil Tea

1 lemon, no rind

2 sprigs fresh lemon basil

Boiling water

Honey to taste

Peel the rind off a lemon and cut in half, removing any seeds. place each lemon half in a cup. place a sprig of basil in each cup and mash the lemon and basil together, to release the flavors. Pour boiling water in each cup. Let steep for 3-5 minutes. If you don't care for lemon pulp, you may strain the mixture after steeping. Add your favorite honey to taste.

Serves 2 cold people on a winter night.

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