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Our "Happy Holidays" giclee art print card with dancing snowflake ornaments, in our fave beach-y holiday colors: ocean, grass and rust.

Check it out today on the Etsy Storque showcase.

Snow Flake - The making of

This is a solarplate of the snowflake design we are currently working on in our studio. I used Pictorico transparency material to make the film with an Epson 2400.

HMPB at Cynthiarybakoff.com

It's here! A holiday selection available upon request

The Bees Loves These

Locust tree blossom, Robinia pseudoacacia. Locust trees have plump white blossoms and with a sweet perfume permeating the salty air around Peconic Bay in springtime. This specimen was pressed and dried and printed on the beach.

Google Analytics Map

Google Analytics Map
Originally uploaded by Kat2 Kit
I'm finding the Google Analytics Map section to be a lot like DXing. My uncle was very big into ham radio, and he would exchange postcards with the people he contacted. I remember, as a kid, a wall map with these postcards push pinned to it from all the places around the world he had reached. There's a part of Google Analytics Maps that shows the world with dots of the places your viewers are coming from. It's like a 21st century version of my uncle's cork board wall map.

Nest and Eggs


When birds build a nest on your house, it's a sign of good luck and a peaceful home. This nest was build above our outdoor speakers, they must also like my music :)
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