Cepaea Snail

Cepaea snail
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Here we have a meeting of the slimes discussing the art show their caregiver is having near a fellow colony of huge slugs in East Hampton.

Our garden has become home to a colony of snails.

When you look carefully you'll find tiny baby snails all the way up to fast reacting adults.

Here's some interesting info about these snails:

"Did you know that thanks to a common little snail you can find in your garden, in the park or under a hedge, you can see evolution in your own back yard?

OK, so evolution is a very slow process. Life on Earth started about three-and-a-half billion years ago! It's the tiny changes accumulating over a long, long time that got us here.

It may look like banded snails are dressed-to-kill, but really they are dressed not to be killed. Banded snails are a favorite food of the song thrush and their various shell colors and patterns camouflage them against different backgrounds. But, in some places there are fewer thrushes than there used to be."

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