In Celebration of Apollo XI

In Celebration of the Apollo XI flight, This specimen is blind embossed on Reves BFK 300 gsm, the filet mignon of etching papers. The stars are from a Linotype machine, 5 two a bar with one open star at the end :)

Found cuts amaze me. In one discovery I located this Apollo space craft, and eagle, and about 75 stars.

On July 20th all three where printed on an 1895 Pearl letterpress.

That is July 20th 2009, 40 years after the event. Did I realize it when I bought the cuts the day before, no way!

Steamer Star Strip

The flower shop we used for our wedding has gone under:(

The former greenhouse is now a shit shoppe, oh I mean an antiques dealer. Going through all 36 drawers, I found 7 items that caught my eye: a club, a spinning spinner, a steamer ship, 4 strips of stars, a price tag with a big circle, a Happy Holidays with a funky geometric trees, and an unmounted heraldic crest. You can see them here.

This print use the stars and the steamer ship. I fell in love with it after the first impression of the steamer was made. The stars on the angle proved to me I need more press furniture :)

It reminds me of an Airmail envelope or steam ship label.
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