Tommy Hilfiger LA Flagship store launch

Los Angles California

Fashion Week 2013
Tommy Hilfiger Flagship store Launch

Featured Artist - Handmade on Peconic Bay

Cyanotype pocket square collaboration now featured in the Los Angles Store

In this display located in the middle of the store are several anchors by Cynthia Rybakoff, and two cyanotype pocket squares among other fine goods curated for the store.

A Pocket full of squares

In collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger...

2013 begins with a new collaboration this year with
  Tommy Hilfiger.  Building on the success of our collaboration with 
Club Monaco,  the studio is now full of pocket squares.  Feathers have made way for a nautical theme;  knots and flags cover the walls.

Launching this week in Los Angles during Fashion week,  one of a kind cyanotype cotton pocket squares.  Printed in the USA at the studio of Handmade on Peconic Bay in the sun.

When R&D = TH

At the studio we create these exposure tests for every project, every day for every piece of film.

A film with a gradation from clear to black is contact printed to a section of a cotton pocket square provided by Tommy Hilfiger.

Exposures run from 30 seconds to an hour,  the faint red square was the target we agreed on.

Dog Show 2013

February 14th 2013 is not only the Westminster Dog,  but also the 

This year Handmade on Peconic Bay printed using the Peconic sunlight a photograph of a local dog inspecting his dunes for rabbits.

The print is a cyanotype on Revees BFK paper,  in a recovered barn-wood frame.

Printed and framed in New York, USA by Matt Shapoff.

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