Locking up a form in the chase

Ok i don't know if i did this right. I was advised the quions should NOT touch the metal, that it should have wood on both sides. My question is, should the whole chase be filled with furniture or just enough to make it all lock up?

here it is in action:

1st Impressions

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88 Miles "door to door". Thats after it traveled from Connecticut and 2 people helped me transfer the 300lbs of press parts from a truck to a Zipcar. I was amazed how much a Honda Fit could hold!

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Two views of operating the Pearl #3


The top image is a 2 3/4" square cyanotype gift card of a Mallard duck printed from a digital photo. Beneath it is a 3 part image of the same duck as a vector graphic (bottom left), made by my wife Cyn and printed as a negative, a yellowish plastic photopolymer plate (bottom right) made from the negative and above that a hand embossed impression of the plate on Reeves BFK lightweight paper.
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